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All Encore DCS Pricing is:
33% off for 2 routines
50% off for 3-9 routines
60% off for 10-19 routines
70% off for 20+ routines

Past Events

If you are interested in purchasing footage of events from the previous year, please call us at (803) 606-3682
We did get the DVDs and for the first year ever after using OTHER video companies.... we did not have to make returns. Chosen Video .. you are the best!!!
Everyone seems very pleased. I am grateful for your job "well done"... and I love the montage! I truly hope you will continue to video the dances year after year!! Thank you so much!

Chosen Video offers:

  • High End professional 3 chip broadcast quality video cameras
  • High End Digital DSLR still photography cameras
  • Recordings on DVD media
  • 1 and/or 2 camera set-ups with camera crane available
  • Wide-angle lens used to increase depth of field
  • Clear Digital CD audio is achieved by strategically placing wireless mics and a direct line from the mixing board
  • Chosen Video has it own in-house editing and large scale duplication facilities
  • Journalistic styled coverage with styled portions, music, animated title effects where desired
  • Wireless and handheld mics, sound system available for use at events
  • Final products on current medium DVDS, CDs standard formats
  • Audio services to include:
    Custom Song production
    Song splicing/cutting
    CD Recording Services
    Chosen Video can create a song from "conception to completion"

Events covered include:

  • Weddings, rehearsals, dinners, preparations, receptions
  • Dance Recitals and Competitions
  • Musical Events
  • Social Events
  • Web Clips
  • Photo Montages
  • Honeymoon Montages
  • Honeymood Camcorder


I loved the dvd!! You did such a great job. Mom let grandmama and granddaddy watch it and they watched it almost everyday. I really appreciate it. It will be treasured for a long long time. Thank you!!!!!