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All Encore DCS Pricing is:
33% off for 2 routines
50% off for 3-9 routines
60% off for 10-19 routines
70% off for 20+ routines

Past Events

If you are interested in purchasing footage of events from the previous year, please call us at (803) 606-3682
We did get the DVDs and for the first year ever after using OTHER video companies.... we did not have to make returns. Chosen Video .. you are the best!!!
Everyone seems very pleased. I am grateful for your job "well done"... and I love the montage! I truly hope you will continue to video the dances year after year!! Thank you so much!
Dance Recitals

Dance Competitions, Recitals, Ballet Productions,
Gymnastic Events, Beauty Pageants

Chosen Video Productions has over 15 years experience in filming and producing dance and gymnastic events including dance competitions, dance recitals, and ballet programs for some of the nations most prestigious performances. Some our our clients include: Encore DCS Dance Competitions, USC Conservatory of Dance, Orangeburg Civic Ballet, Carolina Ballet, Chosen Dance Academy, The Dance Department, and many others.

With Event Videography, special attention is taken to ensure a quality production. Lighting, sound, and staging are all given careful consideration. We use digital high def cameras, 3 chip broadcast quality and record on DVD media, 1 and 2 camera set-ups (plus a camera crane as an available option). We use a high-angle lens to increase our depth of field. Digital audio is achieved by strategically placing wireless mics and a line from the mxing board. Audio is high end CD quality. We also do our own in-house duplicating. The final product is a DVD.

Services include: single and multi-camera set ups, digital video and audio, complete editing including creative post edits, and in-house multi duplication services. For audio, we offer precision cutting/splicing of existing songs to fit them exactly to your pre-existing dance on a CD format. Our audio services include Custom Song Production, Song Splicing/Cutting/ CD Recording Services.

Chosen Video Productions can transfer any medium from/to any medium. Now you can preserve those special tapes and memories forever.