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All Encore DCS Pricing is:
33% off for 2 routines
50% off for 3-9 routines
60% off for 10-19 routines
70% off for 20+ routines

Past Events

If you are interested in purchasing footage of events from the previous year, please call us at (803) 606-3682
We did get the DVDs and for the first year ever after using OTHER video companies.... we did not have to make returns. Chosen Video .. you are the best!!!
Everyone seems very pleased. I am grateful for your job "well done"... and I love the montage! I truly hope you will continue to video the dances year after year!! Thank you so much!
About Chosen Video


(Left to right) Ben Cantrell - Videographer/ Sales - 5 years
Jennifer Shull - Video Editor - 3 years
Joel Shull (owner) - 20 years
Jillian Bickley- Sales - 6 years
Casey Bickley - Videographer/Sales - 4 years

With over 20 years of experience, Joel Shull's talents are endless. As the owner of Chosen Video Productions, his work ranges from sound tracks to professional video of weddings, dance recitals, dance competitions, sound and lighting, and DJ work.

Joel has been a member of several Contemporary Christian groups as well as Peace-n-Music, a beach and swing band. He has recorded three CDs and has accompanied and produced several others.

For the last 10 years Joel has been the Official Videographer and technical director for Encore Dance Competitions for the Stars, which is one of the nation's fastest growing and successful dance competition companies. Joel also serves as the technical director for Chosen Dance Academy. He has produced works for Ann Brodie's Carolina Ballet, the USC Dance Conservatory, the Orangeburg Civic Ballet Company, as well as numerous other dance studios.

His ability to anticipate the steps of the dancer and capture their every move makes his video work unbeatable.